Highland Seeks Exhibit Design Firm

Aerial view of Monroe guest house

Highland has started the exciting process of envisioning a transformed visitor experience, and is seeking to engage exhibit design consultants in this conversation. Highland intends to create a set of small, innovative exhibits that will explore the history of the founding era in a way that appropriately highlights the accomplishments of the young United States’ “experiment in governance” and also truthfully includes diverse narratives, especially those of enslaved African Americans, and acknowledges the long shadow of slavery in the American experience. Supported by a recently-announced $1 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Highland will engage a descendant community in the creation of an integrated set of inclusive narratives across the site, sharing insight into history from diverse viewpoints. For more information, follow https://m.vendor.epro.cgipdc.com/Vendor/public/AllOpportunities to the Request for Information “WM20-2203” on the eVA, Virginia Business Opportunity (VBO) platform. All questions should be directed to Sherrene Moore: svmoor@wm.edu.