Monroe Timeline

1758 – April 28, born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on the Northern Neck
1774-76 – Attended the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia
1776 – Joined the Continental Army’s Third Virginia Infantry Regiment
1776  December 26, wounded at the Battle of Trenton
1778  December, wintered at Valley Forge,
1778  June 28, fought at the Battle of Monmouth
1779  January, resigned from the Continental Army; received appointment to lieutenant colonel by Virginia legislature
1780 – Studied law under Governor Thomas Jefferson in Richmond
1782 – Member of Virginia House of Delegates
1783-86 – Delegate to Confederation Congress
1786 – February 16, married Elizabeth Kortright; practiced law in Fredericksburg; November or December, birth of Eliza
1787-89 – Member of the Virginia House of Delegates
1788 – Member of Virginia Convention to ratify the U. S. Constitution; purchased farmland in Albemarle, Virginia
1790-94 – Served as United States Senator from Virginia
1793 – Purchased “Highland” property adjacent to Jefferson’s Monticello
1794-96 – Minister to France for President George Washington
1799 – May, birth of James Spence; November 23, family moved to Highland
1799-1802 – Served  as Governor of Virginia for three consecutive one-year terms
1800 – September 28, death of James Spence; Gabriel’s Rebellion
1802 – Birth of Maria Hester
1803 – Envoy to France to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase
1803-07 – Minister to England and Spain for President Jefferson
1804 – December, arrived in Spain to negotiate the purchase of Florida
1808 – September, marriage of Eliza to George Hay at Highland
1810-11 – Served as a member of Virginia House of Delegates
1811 – January to April, served as Governor of Virginia
1811-17 – Beginning in April 1811, served as Secretary of State for President James Madison
1814-15 – September 1814 to March 1815, served as Secretary of War for President Madison
1817 – October 17, laid cornerstone of Pavilion VII, the University of Virginia’s first structure
1817-25 – Served as President of the United States; his presidency became known as the “Era of Good Feelings”
1820 – March 9, marriage of Maria Hester in the White House
1823 – December 2, delivered speech known as the “Monroe Doctrine” in his address to Congress, declared as the first U.S. foreign policy
1826-31 – Served as a member of Board of Visitors, University of Virginia
1828 – Sold Highland to the Bank of the United States
1829 – President of the Virginia Constitutional Convention
1830 – September 23, death of Elizabeth Kortright Monroe
1831 – July 4, death of James Monroe in New York City
1858 – James Monroe’s body re-interred at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia