Would you like to be part of great programs at Highland, the home of President James Monroe? With any size donation, you can support new visitor programs, interpretation, and learning about the Highland property. We are glad you share our enthusiasm for all that James Monroe’s Highland can be, and we thank you for your support.


You can send also checks payable to: “James Monroe’s Highland”

Addressed to:
James Monroe’s Highland
2050 James Monroe Parkway
Charlottesville, VA 22902

The Highland Fund – Preservation (0747)
The Highland Fund is the main fund for historic preservation on site. It provides for the acquisition and care of objects, the maintenance of historic elements of the property, and contributes to new initiatives surrounding the archaeological discovery of the 1799 main house.

Log House Renovation Fund (4468)
The Log House Renovation Fund supports strategic updates to the Log House to advance research with lab and office space, a seminar room, and short-term accommodation for visiting scholars. Gifts to the Log House Renovation Fund, through July 2019, will have double the impact through a generous matching grant from the Perry Foundation.

Highland Education Fund (3772)
The Education Fund allows us to extend knowledge about James Monroe and Highland. Resources from the fund allow us to conduct research to share with the public and train our staff in this knowledge, and also go directly to programs and presentations experienced by the public.

Highland Gifts (1192)
Please contribute through Highland gifts to support special projects like our bee yard initiative and our trail building efforts, or to become a Highland Ambassador.

Highland Annual Fund (4118)
The Highland Annual Fund is an opportunity to support James Monroe’s legacy through initiatives at his historic home, Highland, and increased scholarship and popular awareness of his historical contributions.

Highland Presidential Precinct (3626)
Support Highland’s participation in initiatives that build leadership in a global context. The Presidential Precinct emphasizes the “Power of Place and the Power of Ideas.”


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