Featured Artisan of the Day: Wednesday, Dec. 17

Daryll Sneden Scarves

Today’s featured artisan is Daryll Sneden. A juried artisan with the Artisans Center of Virginia, Daryll is from Maidens. With career experience in computer technology, she uses a multi-shaft computer-assisted loom to weave what she calls “complex cloth.” Daryll combines old and familiar weaving drafts into non-traditional patterns and then further manipulates the patterns to create new and unique structures.

The Museum Shop Artisans Room, a partnership with ACV, has a selection of Daryll’s Tencel scarves on display. For information about other artisan made gifts available for purchase, visit the Museum Shop page.

Access to the Museum Shop does not require admission. Stop by and take home locally made quality crafts that reflect Virginia’s heritage and the richness and diversity of today’s flourishing artisan community. The Museum Shop is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.