Gallery of Monroe Portraits

There are no photographs of James Monroe, but we know what he looked like from paintings, engravings, and sculptures. See if you can find more images of Monroe as you tour the site!

1816 James Monroe, by John Vanderlyn, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution


About 1819 James Monroe, by Samuel Morse, White House Historical Association Monroe and his family felt this portrait was the best likeness of the then-president.

About 1820-1822 James Monroe, by Gilbert Stuart, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1824/1825 James Monroe by Rembrandt Peale, James Monroe Museum

Undated James Monroe, lithograph, James Monroe’s Highland

1817 James Monroe, L.L.D., President of the United States, painted by Charles Bird King and engraved by Goodman & Piggot, Library of Congress

1829 James Monroe, by Thomas Harding, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution